I add a gasoline engine car to Mitsubishi Canter gut in 1997. The engine carries 4G63.
The next year, Canter-based high-standard ambulance, D candy Dick appearance (the 2002 abolition). The tail lamp is misappropriated by Delica . Mitsubishi Motors Techno Service (Fuso engineering, 2006 dissolution) carries out the equipment of a ship. Besides, as for the Canter-based ambulance, the try heart that Optima where Teikoku Sen-i made equipment of a ship, Sapporo body industry made equipment of a ship exists.
It is the first among a class, and, in 1997, common direct-injection DOHC16 valve diesel engine (4M50) is set with Rosa with the adoption of the shock absorption-style steering for the fourth generation by a part. A vice-gearbox was saved Canter gut 4WD by the part-time-type four-wheel drive with the super low-speed vice-gearbox; come to full-time-type.
I met exhaust emission regulation in 1999, and a front upper grill and tail lamp rotation were adjusted.
In 2000, it was shipped with a driver's seat air bag.